Sales & Direct Marketing Support Services

Mellon helps corporations increase their sales and strengthen their market position through a portfolio of alternative sales and direct marketing channel development services.

Our extended experience in the design and implementation of diverse sales and direct marketing projects, represents a key differentiation and success factor.

Among the services provided, are:

  • Merchant acquisition campaigns: Mellon undertakes the location, assessment, update and training of merchants-partners on behalf of the corporation.
  • Customer loyalty: Mellon develops and manages customer loyalty enhancement programs, using when necessary advanced tools, such as card-based loyalty programs, customer support through call center services etc.
  • Promotion campaigns: Mellon has implemented many products and services promotion campaigns, selecting the most effective methods –or a combination of methods- for each specific project, like in-store promotion, door-to-door etc.
  • Training: employee training programs incorporate MFP’s long experience and the company’s deep knowledge of alternative sales and direct marketing channels.
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