Storage Solutions

Awakening the true potential of storage units in IT environments of the future

Data is growing at explosive rates. In all surveys Storage & Data Management is considered as a top priority among all CIO’s and IT administrators. Even in midsize and smaller organisations hundreds of terabytes to petabytes of data needs to be managed. Compliance and regulatory requirements are forcing longer retention terms. This scale is becoming a genuine challenge for administrators who are looking for scalability, performance, data resilience and recovery, that are also fitting within their budgets.

Demands on Storage Units

  • Reduce the workload required for storage management by using virtualization technology
  • Efficiently manage data according to its usage frequency
  • Dramatically reduce the power consumption of storage units for environmental conservation and power saving
  • Ensure the continuous operations in the face of unforeseen failures
  • Reduce the cost of storing ever-increasing data at businesses
  • Improve the operating efficiency by integrating a server virtualization environment
  • Construct a disaster response site to prepare for earthquakes and fires
  • Improve problematic backup systems
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