Financial Crime Risk Management

Mellon partners with Fiserv to provide top-ranked solutions that deliver risk protection across disparate fraud types and anti-money laundering silos by boosting results of mitigating both types of risk by combining intelligence through a common operational platform. Our FCRM solutions can help you:

• Meet regulatory requirements
• Prevent fraud losses
• Reduce the number of false positives
• Streamline operations and reduce costs
• Deliver better detection by combining behavioral profiling and rules management
• Process cases faster

Mellon’s solutions for Financial Crime Risk Management from Fiserv provide fraud detection and anti money laundering software for financial institutions. Our solutions approach risk protection from two perspectives:

Fraud risk

Fiserv’s solutions have successfully prevented millions of losses for clients from the financial sector. We analyze all channels and payment types within a financial instit...

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Money laundering risk

We provide a comprehensive anti-money laundering software solution that includes transaction monitoring, intelligent detection tools, watch list filtering, alert investigation...

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