PIN & File Manager – Mellon

PIN & File Manager (PFM) is a data preparation software that can take input files consisting of cardholder information and use them as a basis for the preparation of magstripe or magstripe equivalent chip data for the issuance of bank cards and PIN Mailers.

Benefits of PIN & File Manager:

  • PCI compliant security features:
    • Authentication
    • Auditing
    • Dual control
  • Support of PIN specifications and security regulations of VISA, MASTERCARD, AmEx
  • Supports MS Windows architecture and MS SQL database
  • Solution components can be installed to different servers and/or workstations regardless of location
  • Creation of the templates for the PIN Mailers using a user-friendly tool
  • Supports any printer for PIN printing (including TCP IP for PIN mailers)
  • Recording of errors during file processing and PIN printing.
  • Sends notifications to users through mail messages
  • Compatibility with any Card Management System

PIN & File Manager is the first and most critical stage of a data preparation and card personalization architecture. Mellon has an end-to-end offering the covers every step of the process.

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