Queuing & Customer Flow Solutions

For over 15 years Mellon has been partnering with NemoQ to provide organizations that accept an increased number of visitors on a daily basis with single-line and multiple-line queuing solutions, which help improve the management of customer flow. These systems are traditionally comprised of:

  • For the waiting area: ticket printer with serial waiting number and LED or LCD screens (Digital Signage) for the display of the number served per point of service/department and/or commercial messages
  • For the customer service representative: application for the progress of the numbers and system for displaying the next number on the screens
  • For the management: application for the management and production of statistical data regarding waiting and serving times per employee, point of service, department

The main benefits for organizations from the employment of Mellon’s queuing systems include:

For the Customer

  • better time scheduling
  • increased privacy and confidentiality
  • reduced real and perceived waiting time
  • comfortable and relaxed waiting environment
  • waiting time spent usefully
  • no standing in queue line
  • positive first impression
  • useful information on the ticket

For the Staff

  • increased productivity
  • reduced stress level
  • better communication with the customer
  • increased sales volume
  • reduced complaints
  • more accurate staff reward system

For the Management

  • increased sales and cross-sales
  • opportunity for corporate advertising professional image
  • increased customer loyalty, increased footfall and reduced walk-away
  • optimized staff capacity, increased staff productivity and reduced staff costs
  • real-time information and alarms (waiting times, customer volume, etc.) for immediate intervention to increase efficiency
  • reduced fluctuation
  • more accurate strategy and ability for branch or region improvements

For the modern enterprise the following additional new capabilities are available:

Online Appointment Scheduling Software: To work hand-in-hand with your existing queuing system or as a stand-alone system allowing customers to manage their appointments online through laptop, tablet, smartphone or any mobile device.

Remote Ticket Issuance for shorter queues at the branch: Customers are now able to receive their tickets numbers via sms, as well as to see the number of customers already in queue, before they ever arrive at the lobby:

  • easyQ for smartphones: Mellon’s innovative queuing application through which customers can book and receive their ticket number, compare waiting time between branches, be informed at any point about their position in the queue.
  • SMS for conventional mobile telephones: The customer can ask and receive from the queuing system a ticket number and the estimated waiting time.

Floorwalker is a part of the queuing system that can be used:

  • For Customer Flow Management

In the branch, the customer can be welcomed from an appointed bank employee equipped with the Floorwalker or by a standard touch screen TD.

  • At Arrival or Check in

Alternatively staff equipped with the Floorwalker or by a standard tablet and a handheld ticket printer can assist them.

  • For Onsite Appointment Booking, at Arrival or while Waiting

A member of staff equipped with the Floorwalker or by a standard touch screen TD welcomes the visitor.

Customer Feedback Panel: Statistical information & Customer surveys in real-time.

Connecting the panel with the queuing system allows you to correlate the received evaluation with important aspects, such as each customer’s waiting time, the type of transactions made, and the service time. Alternatively it may be used as a touch screen on which apart from the evaluation choices, promotional or informative messages may also be displayed. Finally, an online version of the same function is also available.

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